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Kokoro Connect: First Impressions

I only started watching Kokoro Connect because my friend (youranimeopinion) reccomended it saying it was like Ano Hana since I loved Ano Hana so much I had to give this show a try. When the first episode started everything was so colorful and cheery that I immediately knew their lives were going to get soo fucked up if this show is anything like Ano Hana. I was wrong there lives didn’t get fucked up there lives were already fucked up, and the cool/interesting body switching shenanigans brought their fucked up lives to light so they could help each other move on. The first 5 episodes alone feel like it can be its own series and that has me so excited to watch the rest of the Kokoro Connect. I’m going to watch EP. 6 right after I post this. Episode 5 was depressing; when heartseed did what he did, arfucsh! I totally thought she was going to… ;-; (trying not to spoil because I want more people to watch it). So far this is a really interesting show too bad I wont be able to watch the series finale when it comes out, stupid air force bmt; oh well I’m just happy I’m leaving soon…

^Oh, and it is funny! 

Also in some weird way this show reminds me of angel beats.

May 3

Anime and myself lately

I watched Ghost In The Shell a couple of weeks ago; it was an amazing series, but I do not feel that I enjoyed it as much as I should have, I suppose there are two reasons for this. The first reason is that Ghost In The Shell is a very very very complex story; secondly I kept falling asleep while watching episodes, constantly re-watching a single episode probably affected my enjoyment. After I watched ghost in the shell I watched Angle Beats— another great show. The ending of Angle Beats was so sad the series as a whole is great, but I still did not get my usual feeling after I finish an anime. I still can not even come up with a reason that why I did not enjoy angel beats more. I can honestly say I really liked both shows, but I think I just expected more form Both of them. I really hope angle beats gets a second season, and I think Ghost In The Shell could have been longer. The latest anime I’ve completed — Phantom: Requiem For The Phantom  was absolutely amazing! Phantom’s action, OST, and characters were all on point; the shows only flaw was that the ending was a little bit weak. I attribute my recent lack of enjoyment in anime is due to me speeding through series. I need to remember that the best part of shows is the journey, not the ending. So instead of rushing through anime I’m declaring here and now that I will start taking my time, and give each anime that I watch the proper time and attention that it deserves.